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Where are the swims located: Off the Coasts of Brittany and Normandy

The coasts of Brittany and Normandy are some of the most beautiful and interesting in the world. Full of inlets and beaches that whisper of history and intrigue. They are just right to peak the interest of any wild swimming enthusiasts. 

What is the weather like: Changeable

The weather is changeable, but swimming opportunities will be scheduled every day. In days when gale force winds curtail any swimming, french themed activities will be available, from cooking classes to lectures on the coast-line from world famous environmentalists. 


What is the water like: Deliciously cool

The water temperature ranges between 18 C (65 F), in summer to 4 C (40 F) in winter. The coast of Brittany and Normandy are perfect for cold water and ice water swimmers, as the temperature of the water is consistently cool.


How far will the swims be: So many options

The swim distances will be between 2KM and 9KM. Longer distances, or those training to swim the English Channel, can be organised by arrangement. If you are an ultra marathon swimmer, there are ample opportunities to train.


If you enjoy more than two swims a day; there is a local beach with its own fauna [a Grey Seal] within a 10 min walk from the accommodation.  


When do the events start and finish: That is up to you

Wild West Swimming will hold at least three events per year. As in some areas, the swimming bodies are visited by a swarm of moon jellyfish, most adventures will avoid the jellyfish, for a less annoying experience. Ideal times will be end of June, August, September and for the cold water swimmers, October.


Why come as a group: Sharing and building memories

The accommodations are ideally suited for a group who have swam together. The meals will be communal and there is nothing like having a swim and hanging out with your pals with a glass of excellent wine and an over abundance of giggles.


Why no coaching: Just swim

This is an opportunity to put that coaching experience to the test. Some times, one needs just the luxury opportunity to try out new techniques or just enjoy the bosom of the water. If you are training and would like to bring your own coach; then you are very welcome. We can accommodate groups from 4 to 10. 


What is the age range:  Difficult to say

If you are an experienced open, wild or cold water swimmer, then you are old enough to join us. If you are on the young side… no wine! It is all about the fitness, there are some 70 year old open water swimmers who are super fit. 


What is the skill range: Medium to advance, definitely 

As each experience is bespoke, different skills can be taken into account. The range of skills is usually wide on each event so no-one feels left out and it increases the richness of the mix and the conversations.


What to bring: Swim suit, good humour and a sense of fun

The bulky stuff, the things we have hanging in our homes that are in constant need of drying, will be made available, such as: Towels. If you have any other gear that is specific to you, bring it along. A swim buoy would be an ideal accompaniment. If you wear a wetsuit, bring that along.



Other experiences: You bet

Wild West Swimming can also organise women only adventures and night swimming. 


What about food allergies: No problem

If you suffer from a food allergy, we just need to know and will do our best to accommodate. 

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